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Extend the operating life of your subsurface rod pump with our full range of accessories. From 光杆s to sinker bars, couplings, and 光杆 clamps, Harbison-Fischer® 你投保了吗?.





我们提供最好的表演, 最高质量, 设计出最安全的产品, 工程, 内部制造.


We hold ourselves to the highest level of safety for our customers, 我们的员工, 还有环境.


We offer comprehensive customer training and product support.


Our subsurface sucker rod pump accessories are available in various metallurgies and can be applied in the most challenging well conditions. Adding an accessory allows each rod pump to be customized to meet your operational needs.


我们的抛光棒是制造的, 加工, 地面, and polished to conform to API and ChampionX Artificial Lift specifications.

  • 活塞钢
    • Made from cold drawn 1045 carbon steel with a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi
    • Recommended for moderate-to-heavy loads without abrasion and corrosion concerns
  • 镍魔草
    • Machined from cold drawn 4140 nickel alloy steel with a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi
    • Recommended for moderate-to-heavy loads under mildly corrosive conditions
  • Tuffr™抛光棒
    • Made from 1045 piston steel with a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 psi
    • HRC 60 sprayed metal surface applied to the outside diameter
    • Recommended for abrasive and corrosive conditions under moderate-to-heavy loads
  • XM-19 nitrononic 50不锈钢
    • 优异的耐304SS腐蚀性能
    • 最小抗拉强度135,000 psi
  • 304不锈钢
    • 最小抗拉强度75000 psi
    • Recommended for moderate loads under all corrosive conditions when abrasion is not a factor
  • 抛光杆衬套
    • One-piece, integral pack-off assembly for economy and efficiency
    • Installs over the 光杆 to provide a hard, sprayed metal, and smooth wearing surface
    • Worn liners can be exchanged without the use of a service rig
    • 可选钢和不锈钢,表面坚硬

我们提供抽油杆, 光杆, and combination couplings; all are manufactured to the strictest design standards and conform to API specifications.

  • 可提供小井眼和全尺寸直径
  • 生产分为两个等级:
    • H-F T级抽油杆接箍
      • API T级联轴器,硬度为hrc16 -23
      • Recommended for mildly corrosive and mildly abrasive pumping conditions
    • H-F Tuffr®联轴器
      • 符合API SM抽油杆联轴器规范
      • Recommended for corrosive and abrasive pumping conditions
      • 喷涂金属表面硬度为hrc58 -62

The ends are 加工 perpendicular to the through hole to ensure that the 光杆 load does not impart a side load to the 光杆.

  • HF型40抛光棒夹具
    • 一种用于深井的坚固的一体式夹具
    • 额定最大工作载荷40000磅
  • HF型号25抛光棒夹具
    • 一种用于中深井的单螺栓夹钳
    • 额定最大工作负荷25,000磅
  • HF型号13抛光棒夹具
    • 专为浅井设计的单螺栓夹紧器
    • 最大工作载荷小于13000磅
  • HF型号13-D和型号13-T抛光杆夹具
    • 高负载变化可使用13型夹具
    • The Model 13-D consists of two Model 13 clamps assembled in series to provide a 26,000磅最大工作负荷
      • Three Model 13 clamps are factory assembled in series to make the Model 13-T Clamp
      • 额定最大工作载荷40000磅
  • 抽油杆导向装置
    • 哈里森-费舍尔螺旋抽油杆导轨
      • 适用于任何插入式泵的扶正器和稳定器
      • 最大限度地减少对阀杆和拉管的磨损
      • 有利于长冲程单位
      • 适用于所有抽油杆尺寸和油管尺寸
    • Flexite™抽油杆导向器
      • Hard Flexite® wear surface in most sucker rod and tubing sizes
      • 抽油杆导向器采用尼龙材料, 橡胶, or high-temperature versions and easily clip onto the sucker rod
  • 油管测试阀
    • 阀门可用于多次测试
    • Can be dropped into the tubing or lowered on a wire line to seat in a seating nipple for tubing testing operations
    • Provides a positive check valve seal that releases pressure before unseating by pulling upward on a fishing neck latch at the top of the tool
  • 伸卡球棒
    • Used to overcome problems with compressive loads at the bottom of rod strings
    • Manufactured from 1042 and 4623 piston steel and come with sucker rod pins for a dependable makeup connection
    • 低产井中泵卡的另一种选择
  • 泵锚
    • Used to anchor an insert pump in a well without a seating nipple or with variable fluid levels that require different seating depths
    • The tool can be run and set repeatedly without damage to the 橡胶-packing element and is released by lifting upward on the sucker rod string
  • 开关工具
    • A dependable means of connecting and disconnecting sucker rods from the sucker rod pump
    • 允许您运行超大尺寸的泵在油管
    • Used to disconnect the rods above a stuck pump, eliminating a rod stripping job
    • 可在右手和左手释放, as well as corrosion-resistant materials for tubing or casing sizes ranging from 1.9-in. 至7 - 1 / 2 -in.
  • 底部排放阀
    • 用于标准, bottom hold-down rod insert pumps and produces a portion of the fluid through ports just above the standing valve
    • Keeps fluid between the pump and tubing in motion and prevents sand from settling above the seating nipple
    • 允许您化学处理底部按住泵
  • 刷砂封
    • A simple add-on attached directly below the fluid discharge flute
    • 成本效益的方法,以减少沉积物积聚, preventing sediment from settling above the seating nipple
    • Helps eliminate stripping jobs on bottom hold down pumps
  • 高回流压力调节器
    • Resistant to washout for flow rates up to up to 2,000 BPD
    • 完全符合NACE标准
    • 耐腐蚀,包括台面腐蚀
    • Provides reliable back-side pressure to reduce gas breakout


Increase your bottom line and reduce your well stripping jobs

Installing our patented 刷砂封 accessory to your pump is a cost-effective way to minimize sediment buildup, which helps increase the overall chance of unseating your bottom hold-down pump when your well needs service.

ChampionX worker on at oil field with and Harbison-Fischer® ChampionX pickup truck.


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